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Tinuviel [userpic]
Days of the week..
by Tinuviel (_hedgewytch_)
at June 9th, 2006 (09:33 pm)
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not sure where I found this but its intriguing...

Origin of the Names of the Days of the Week

* Sunday: Sunnenday (Middle English translation of Greek Hemera heliou):
the sun's day,
* Monday: Monan daeg (Anglo Saxon, monan, moon; daeg, Anglo Saxon, day):
the moon's day,
* Tuesday: Tiwes daeg (Anglo Saxon Tiw, war god, related to Greek god
Zeus): Tiw's day,
* Wednesday: Woensdag (Danish, Woen, Woden, Chief Norse god, Frigga's
husband; dag, day): Woden's day,
* Thursday: Thursdaeg (Old English; Thorr, Icelandic, thundergod): Thor's
* Friday: Frigedaeg (Anglo Saxon; Frige, Frigga, chief Norse goddess,
Woden's wife): Frigga's day,
* Saturday: Saeterdaeg (Anglo Saxon; Saeter, Saturn, Roman god of time):
Saturn's day.