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The Hearth Stone

Come share our Hearth

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May the Flame in our hearth be relit in our hearts,
and keep us safe and warm all night.

Hearth (haarth)

n. the floor or surround of a fireplace (often used as a symbol of domestic comfort).

Middle English herth, from Old English heorth;

hearth·stone (härthstn)
1. Stone used in the construction of a hearth.

the hearth - the traditional Heart of the Home, a place of warmth and welcome.

tealach - Old irish for Hearth
aelwyd - Welsh

You are welcome here... for this is a place to stop and have some craic - good company and conversation. Let me throw some more peat on the fire to warm you.

Come be free to tell a tale or two, a joke, a riddle or just rest here and listen and work upon your crafts.

Tus agus deireadh an duine tarraingt ar an tine.